Three Boops; One Day Pt 3. – Conclusion

By now, you’ve read about the first two Boops of the day with none other than current Doctor played by Peter Capaldi and The Mistress/Missy played by Michelle Gomez. Both extraordinary events all by themselves, but I wasn’t finished just yet. There was still a third Boop to execute!

I’d started conning that day around noon, and this last photo op was in the five o’clock hour, so I’d been there for at least five hours with all of the people and all of the lines and did I mention all of the people. I was tired. As a vegetarian in a meat eating world, I was hungry. I should come to these things prepared, but I don’t.

So here it was, time for my next photo op and Boop. This companion is, sadly, a bit less popular than the other guests at the con (Clara/Jenna Coleman was there, too!), and had a shorter line than the others. Probably the time off day and the fact that he was there all weekend were also factors to his shorter line, but I was jazzed! My con weary feet didn’t have to stand around terribly long.

When it was my turn, I walked in and showed the most serious of guests, yet, my reference photo and asked if I could Boop his nose. He then did the most fantastic thing. He asked if he should do it back!!!!! “Absolutely!” was my over enthusiastic response. And so he did :

That’s right, Arthur Darvill Booped my nose! Rory Pond Booped my nose!! I loved Rory on the show, and always wished his wife (the fairy tale named, Amelia Pond played by Karen Gillan) treated him better and appreciated him more. I think she eventually did.

I’m going to be honest.  I have no idea what we talked about when I got his autograph, but I must’ve been charming because if you look closely, I got “love.”  Love from Arthur Darvill.  Ah, life is good isn’t it?

This particular Boop is a moment with which I am very happy. One of my Boopees reciprocated my Boop. I’d never even considered it as a possibility! New things were happening, and I couldn’t have been happier. From one Boop to another my confidence was building and my con anxiety, at least, was melting away!

This concludes the story of three Boopings in one day, but stay tuned for my next Boop, which wasn’t to take place for many months after this glorious day. It’s a bucket list Boop for which I never thought I’d get the opportunity.


Three Boops; One Day Pt. 2

I always try to give a little build up to my stories to add a little depth and intrigue to the post.  However, my last post kind of had all the build up since it is Part 1 of a three part tale.  Obviously, you know that you’re about to read about the second Boop of one single day: the one that got away.  Oh I guess there is a little intrigue!

K and I, who you’ve seen pictured all over my first post, and you’ll likely continue to read about from time to time, drove down to a con in Houston together from our Dallas area suburbs.  The W family was there, too, but had come separately.  Now, we went to this con in Houston for one reason, and one reason only.  We were going to meet a fabulous new/old character from Doctor Who, and we were so excited.  We made the four hour trek.  We paid to get into the con, and when it was time, we got in line with the Ws for our photo op and paid for that, too.  We’ve experienced guest cancellations before… but a cancellation while we’re standing in line?!  This was new, and the most depressing of all cancellations.  Even more depressing than Matt Smith cancelling on Dallas… more than once!

We were distraught.  They gave us our photo op cash back.  We started to wander around the floor trying to decide what to do next.  And then we heard it.  Con officials talking about getting our photo op in a cab!  We looked at each other, and dashed after those officials, following them to the attached hotel lobby, just in time to catch none other than the canceler.  We stopped dead in our tracks.  Now what?!  And then K, boldly calls the name.  She says “I’m so sorry you missed us!!!” and the guest looked at us with something like a hurried apology, and I believe uttered apologies, also.  The cancellation was due to a family emergency, and we knew this particular guest would be back around sometime soon.  Cancellations happen.  We’ve learned to not believe any guest is coming until we’re standing in the photo op room with them.

Fast forward to the fateful day that I Booped three noses, and here we are.  Same guest, closer venue.  Our hopes were high.  K an I were on a different photo op schedule that day, considering that she’d gotten a VIP gift from her awesome aunt, so I waited in line for this one with another friend, 1/2 of T².  Now T had chosen to cosplay this character, and it was impressive.  And because he was a VIP badge carrier, he got me, his “wife,” to the front of the line!  I followed him through to a larger room than usual, and couldn’t believe who I was looking at.  This is a character I’d loved from the very minute she showed up in the series.  She was amazing…. and bananas!

I walked again up to the guest, and showed her my picture, while asking if I could boop her nose.  Her handler thought I’d brought some gift for her, and took my reference photo.  I also asked this particular guest to give me her best, disapproving Missy face, and the result?


OMGGGGG!  I couldn’t believe that I’d done this one.  Michelle Gomez hadn’t had much conning experience yet, and she’s such a wild card character on the show that I had no idea what she’d do.  She was fantastic about it!  And the ears and brooch?  Gifts from other fans who’d been in line before me.  So awesome!  I did have to get my photo back from her handler, which was amusing.

When I got her autograph later she said “Well, tha- tunned out nice, dedn’t i-?”  That’s my best attempt at capturing her fantastic accent!  We chatted for a moment, during which time I know that I told her I loved her more than once.  Again, this time, I’m wearing a specific shirt, but you can’t see it because of my Boop form.  I had a shirt made just for her saying “Oh Missy, you so fine!”  She liked that.  Who wouldn’t?!

Next up: Part 3 of this fantastic day!  I can tell you with absolute certainty that I did not expect what happened!

My Triumph – The Double Crossbody Boop

So, I’ll jump right into this, the amazing story of my second, and perhaps favorite, but not really because how on earth could I choose a favorite, Boop. Hot off the heels of the success at my very first attempt at Booping, and feeling wildly confident, I received word that not one, but TWO of my very favorite, but not really because, again, how on earth could I EVER choose a favorite, Doctors would be guests at a different Wizard World Convention, this one held in St. Louis. Conveniently, I have family in the St. Louis area (hi Mom and siblings/siblings-in-law, N & J and J & A!), who I hadn’t seen in too long, so I started planning yet another mini – vacay, this time, solo, since I knew my bro & his later to be bride would attend the con with me. 

I’d like to jump in, here, and say that I don’t usually travel to different states for cons. Being in the Dallas area affords access to several cons per year, and the guest list usually has actors that I’m more than happy to Boop, but this was a super-special occasion. I mean, two Nu-Who Doctors in the same place?! I simply couldn’t miss it. Especially since one of the Doctors in question very infrequently cons.

Now, if I remember correctly, this particular con was held on April Fool’s Day, or at least that weekend, and I was very nervous that one of my Doctors would cancel, last minute, which has been known to happen (I only met Matt Smith on my THIRD attempt, for instance). There was also the problem of expense. Since the trip was already, well, a trip, I’d opted for a photo op with both Doctors to get more bang for less buck. This decision left me wondering how I’d Boop both Doctors in the same photo. Sure, two noses, two index fingers, no problem, right? But where would I stand? Would I reach across one to Boop the other’s nose if I was in the outside? That wouldn’t work. I’d clearly have to stand in the middle. The idea of W arms wasn’t that appealing to me, so after quite a bit of daydreaming, it came to me: The Double Crossbody Boop. And it became my holy grail. It presented is own problems though. I’m somewhat tall for a woman at about 5’8″, but these are some tall gents! Could I work it out? Would they even let me?? 

Con day arrived, and I, once again, chose not to cosplay, since I didn’t want to have to pick a Doctor, and wasn’t clever enough at the time to think to hybridize the cosplay into both of them. Also, I didn’t want to travel with it. So I donned a favorite t-shirt that displayed both Doctors’ Sonic Screwdrivers and the TARDIS (I promise this won’t ALWAYS be Doctor Who themed, for those who’ve no idea what in talking about… stick around), and I was ready to go. On the way, I remember my brother practically forcing the smash musical “Hamilton” on me in the car, something I now can’t BELIEVE he had to do considering how huge a fan I am now (gotta add Lin Manuel Miranda to my must Boop bucket list), but I couldn’t REALLY focus on it because if the task at hand. I had a mission. 

I don’t remember much about the con itself, only that I was crazed to be in the right place, at the right time for my photo op line. I didn’t want to miss my chance. So I waited. I waited AROUND the lines. I stood waiting. I sat on the floor, still waiting, and finally it was time to line up. I always have conversations with other fans in line that I can’t remember later, when I don’t have my anxiety symbio buddy with me (hi, K!), and I didn’t. 

Suddenly, I’m looking through a curtain, and there they stand. My hot Doctors. The two in the series who are by far, to me, the most attractive and desirable. I felt like a silly little girl. I was going to Boop their noses?! These two?! The “proper thin man“ and “the chin?!?!” I walked in the room, wondering if I’d really do it, and as they quickly greeted me and started to lean in for a pose, I blurted: “Can I please Boop both your noses?!” They froze, confused. Again, I kind of blacked out. I felt Matt Smith kind of leaning in and crouching down, I’m sure not knowing what I meant, but happy to play along, while David Tennant asked incredulously in his wonderful Scottish,”What? My nose? Is tha- a thing?!” Beautiful. And then he leaned in, too! I, through some feat of psychics and balance that I still don’t possess, managed, in mere seconds, to hop up onto my tippy-toes, take a look right and left to be sure that my fingers are in the right places, and then smile, hugely, for the flash. 

And just like that, it was over, like it always is. I touched them as long as I could because, hey, you don’t get the opportunity every day, and thanked them both profusely. I’m sure I told them that I loved them. I heard laughing around me from the photographer, the handlers, and those in line behind me who could see. I had done it! Double Crossbody Booped two of the most dashing and debonair Doctors of all time. I couldn’t believe myself. I couldn’t believe they’d done it! 

I picked up my photo to more laughter and even high – fives, and took my first glance:

BEST THING EVER!!! Matt was obviously super into it, and, as always, silly as can be, and David, with that giant smile plastered on his face, obviously thought that this girl must be crazy. I loved it! I’ve yet to have this one autographed, as I was on the B-word that day (budget… ugh), but have hopes that, later this year, Matt Smith really will actually come to Dallas so I can get his signature, and his take on what I hope is a memorable photo to him. 

This challenging and comedic experience brought about even more confidence than I’d gained with Jenna Coleman. It quelled more anxiety. I could really do this. I could make it my thing! But… I thought… actors across the pond have no idea what a Boop is. And that leads to my next Boop… 

Find Your Boop

Boop.  BOOP!  BOOOOOP!!! I’m sure I first saw it in a cat meme, like the one above that I have no idea who it belongs to, but I can’t be absolutely certain.  I don’t own the word or the action, but in another way I TOTALLY DO!  I’ve made it mine.  As I’ve informed in my other posts, my affinity for Booping came as a sort of must-boop-at-first-sight when I very first stumbled across a particularly wonderfully Boopable nose attached to a new character, at the time, on my very favorite British Sci-Fi show. I’m sure I’d booped before, most likely any one of my three cats, my dog, or my son who is now five, but suddenly I had an overwhelming desire.  “Oh my god, I HAVE to boop her nose,” I thought.  “I WILL BOOP THAT NOSE!”

I don’t know where my resolve came from, or how I ever planned to boop that nose, but, as you know, Boop that nose, I did!  And from there grew confidence, courage, and a new ability to handle what were, for me, social anxiety inducing situations.  These were events that were wonderful, yes, and opportunities that a lot of people don’t get, but ones that still filled me, during, with a frozen demeanor, not knowing how to act or what to say or do, and after, with a feeling of shame, wishing I’d made more of the experience for myself, for the friend who most often shared the experience with me, and for the subject of the whole situation:  The celebrity guest at Sci-Fi conventions where I was enjoying the opportunity to engage in photo ops with these fine and wonderful creatures that I’d only before seen on TV. Of course, every photo op was a was a rush, and I’d had a blast watching my friend interact so easily with the guests at photo ops, but I knew that the experience could be more for me.

So I turned to Booping.  And I share with you in the event that something is preventing you from being comfortable doing something that you want to do in your own life.  And because it’s silly.  I’ve asked before: who doesn’t like a little silly? But if you are one of those people who, like me, has a sort of block about doing something you really want to do the way you want to do it, I’m here to encourage.  Find your Boop.  It could be anything.

Next time, I’ll tell you about my second Booping experience, and what a wonderful, beautiful thing it was!!!

My First Boop

Like I’ve said before, my desire to Boop erupted instantaneously.  I was binge watching through Doctor Who, having become an avid fan after it was recommended by my brother, J, and a dear friend who I knew was watching and had quickly become obsessed, K.  I’ll introduce you to them later, hopefully.  Hi guys!  Anyway, I was watching right along, and things were looking bad for Amy and Rory, the Doctor’s companions at the time, when they were thrown, with The Doctor, onto a prison planet for Daleks.  If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, and you’re reading this: 1. WATCH DOCTOR WHO, you’ll thank me later, and 2. I’ll try to keep the story line simple, so there are no spoilers for you because I just know you’ll want to watch.  So, they were dropped onto this planet to complete a mission, and on the planet there was a single human survivor from a crash that had occurred a year previously. The lone survivor quickly popped up on screen, and time slowed down for me.

“Oh my gosh,” I thought.  “She has the cutest nose I’ve ever seen. I must Boop that nose.” I mean, have you ever seen such a perfectly Boopable nose on a person?! At the time, I had no idea if I’d ever have the opportunity to Boop her nose or how that might occur, only that I was in the process of meeting my share of Doctors and Companions.

Again, my friend K (the blonde, I’m the redhead) looks amazing in all of these photos, the picture of confidence and photogenics, while I feel that I was so star struck and statued (Is that a word? That red squiggly line says it’s isn’t.  Well, I’m using it anyway.) by these beloved celebrities I was literally rubbing elbows with that I look frozen and stunned. I was always so worried and anxious about how I would look next to such a photogenic friend, and, you know, celebrities, that I present a perfect visual example of the social and situational anxiety I mentioned in my first post and on my About page. I know… it could be much worse, and I’ve stated such. But there I am… seven examples of frozen solid in anxiety, and excitement. Except in the picture with Sylvester McCoy… I look great in that one, but that’s what Sylvester McCoy does to a person.  Charming fellow. And I have a prop!  Props help.

Anyway, I finished the episode (that’s Season 7, Episode 1 “The Dalek Asylum, btw, and all images of Jenna Coleman are stills directly from that episode), and then kind of forgot about that nose. GREAT episode though.

A little time passed. Some developments happened in the show with The Doctor and his companions, as they do, and suddenly, The Doctor was sad.  Very sad, in fact.  So sad that he wasn’t even happy to see, in the Christmas 2012 special episode “The Snowmen” this nose:

Well, I mean really Doctor.  I WAS! It was the girl!  The nose! The one that just cried for Booping!  “BOOP ME!” it practically called to me as I watched “The Snowmen.” I was so distracted by her nose that I could barely pay attention to the episode. And as Jenna Coleman’s character became more prominent in the show, I just knew I had to do it.  I had to do a photo op by myself, without my symbiotic anxiety buddy, K, so that I wouldn’t be riddled with the anxiety of 1. stealing the show in a photo op together if I Booped, and 2. much more importantly, ruining her photo op if I failed.

More time passed, and finally, it was announced some months prior that in January of 2016, Jenna Coleman was to be a guest at the Wizard World Convention held in New Orleans.  Now, Hubby and I, though we’d been together for about 11 years by that time, had never taken a vacation together, any more than a long weekend at a distance of four hours away from home, staying with family.  I snatched up the opportunity for a mini-vacay without the kids. We could go someplace we’d never been before, AND I could sneak in a visit to Wizard World to potentially Boop Jenna Coleman’s nose. I made the arrangements for the hotel, the convention entrance, the photo op with Jenna Coleman, and even an autograph with her.

We drove the eight hours to New Orleans from our home in a Dallas suburb, and started our enjoyment of New Orleans.  It’s a wonderful city, and the weather was perfect at that time of year.  Our vacation was long enough before Mardi Gras that the city wasn’t too crazy for the boring married couple that we are, and we avoided the heat and humidity that inevitably beats down on New Orleans, being a coastal, below sea level, city.

Convention day arrived, and Hubby walked me to the convention center before sauntering off on his own through the French Quarter to have his own adventures, while I conned.  He’s not much of a convention man, which is fine.  I made sure that I knew where I was supposed to be and when I was supposed to be there, and set alarms on my phone to prompt me to look for lines that I was supposed to get in.  After all, everyone knows that 90% of a convention is standing in line! As I stood in Jenna Coleman’s line, I wondered if I’d actually have the guts to Boop.  I’d opted not to cosplay to cut down on the anxiety quotient for the day, so I hoped that would help.  I waited patiently, as the people before me in her line had their chance for a photo, and then I was up!  Jenna looked…. tired.  She was stretching her shoulders and arms when I walked into the tiny little room where photo ops were taken, and she waited for me to walk up for a smile and a flash, and put her arm around me.  Instead of just smiling at the camera, I turned to her, finger held up in the air, and said “May I please Boop your nose??” “MY WHA?!” she exclaimed in her adorable British accent.


I blacked out.  I tried to explain what I was talking about, but instead, just gestured with my index finger, face to face with Jenna Coleman, her arm around me, wondering what on earth this crazy American wanted to do to her, I’m sure.  I’m certain that I said “nose” a few times before finally Booping my own, but that’s really all I remember.  The next thing I know, Jenna must’ve consented because I’m looking at the camera, finger on that beautiful, Boopable nose, smiling, and the camera flashes.  I thank her profusely, and run off to get my photo. This all happened in seconds, of course.


As I rounded the corner to get my photo, workers at the convention, cracking up, presented me with not just the one photo I’d paid for, but also the photo of me begging Jenna Coleman to Boop her nose!  I was so surprised, and so pleased.

Later, in her autograph line, I thanked Jenna for being such a good sport and told her how much I loved her in Doctor Who.  She thanked me and said other things that I can’t remember because I was talking to Jenna Coleman, and finally I told her that I was looking forward to seeing her in her upcoming, at the time, series “Victoria.”  She seemed genuinely surprised to hear a fan mention something other than Doctor Who, and I mentally patted myself on the back. I felt confident! And free! And unafraid! I had done it!  I’d Booped the nose!


The Boop. It all began in an instant for me, and did not come to fruition until much later (more on that at another time), but it happened, as the Boop does. The Boopin, as they say, is gonna get you.

I’ve decided to start this blog or chronicle, if you will (and if you won’t, then be gone with you!), as a self-proclaimed professional Booper for several reasons:

First, it’s damned entertaining. For me, the Booper, official boop witnesses, and even, I like to think, the Boopee (yes, I’m coming up with all sorts of titles here), it’s an experience that stops in the tracks, makes cheer, and confuses. Confounds even, but definitely intrigues. It happens in the blink of an eye, and then it’s over just as suddenly as it began. Ah, the Boop.

Second, it’s fun! I’ve been Booping professionally for over two years now, and each experience is unique and wonderful in its own way. I like to think that sharing my stories (Boopies? Nah, too much, even for me.) will bring a bit of light-heartedness, laughter, and even levity (Did’ja like that? There’s more of that alliteration to come. *wink*) to a world that’s currently somewhat sour with various and great, many problems. My intention is not to pretend that these problems do not exist, and I may comment on them from time to time as I’ve been knows to have an opinion, but rather, I’d like to shine some light in the dark. We can all use a little more light.

And third, finally, Booping has helped me fight a battle with my social anxiety. Before Booping, social situations, specifically photo ops at sci-fi (STAY WITH ME!) conventions left me with photos of my amazing looking, wonderful friend (you’ll meet her later), the fabulous, featured celebrity guest, and me…  looking stunned and frightened. “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?!” I’m screaming in my head to the celebrity, usually to my right, as the bulb flashes, and it’s over. Immediately the rush of “why didn’t you say this/do that, etc” begins in my mind, and I berate myself for not making this opportunity a better experience for myself and my friend, a more memorable one for the guest, and a prettier photo to commemorate the event. And then the picture shows it: my friend, fabulous, at ease, if explosively happy, and me… a terrified statue with a kind of weird smile plastered on my face, looking as though I don’t know what to do with my hands. Fast forward to my first foray into Booping. I’ve never looked back. It has brought me courage. It has filled me with confidence. And better, there now exists photographic evidence of a woman, previously twisted up inside, visibly uncomfortable in these amazing situations, relaxing, having a good time, and finding a way to fight her demons.

The idea of Booping in photo ops was born, for me, from the sight of a wonderfully Boopable British sci-fi show character and cat memes (thank you interwebs), yes, but I believe that its use applies to so many other social areas of at least my life. It may seem to solve a very first-world problem: “Oh no, I can’t get a good photo of myself at this con (convention for those not familiar with the lingo) I paid to attend with this celebrity guest with whom I paid EVEN MORE to have a photo op!” but it draws attention to much larger problems: anxiety, specifically social, just plain not being nice to one’s self, and how one little tool has helped me to change that for myself. My life has definitely taken a turn for the fun and quirky since I started Booping. Patience, though, and all will come.

Now stick around, kids, and I’ll tell ya how it all began!