My Triumph – The Double Crossbody Boop

So, I’ll jump right into this, the amazing story of my second, and perhaps favorite, but not really because how on earth could I choose a favorite, Boop. Hot off the heels of the success at my very first attempt at Booping, and feeling wildly confident, I received word that not one, but TWO of my very favorite, but not really because, again, how on earth could I EVER choose a favorite, Doctors would be guests at a different Wizard World Convention, this one held in St. Louis. Conveniently, I have family in the St. Louis area (hi Mom and siblings/siblings-in-law, N & J and J & A!), who I hadn’t seen in too long, so I started planning yet another mini – vacay, this time, solo, since I knew my bro & his later to be bride would attend the con with me. 

I’d like to jump in, here, and say that I don’t usually travel to different states for cons. Being in the Dallas area affords access to several cons per year, and the guest list usually has actors that I’m more than happy to Boop, but this was a super-special occasion. I mean, two Nu-Who Doctors in the same place?! I simply couldn’t miss it. Especially since one of the Doctors in question very infrequently cons.

Now, if I remember correctly, this particular con was held on April Fool’s Day, or at least that weekend, and I was very nervous that one of my Doctors would cancel, last minute, which has been known to happen (I only met Matt Smith on my THIRD attempt, for instance). There was also the problem of expense. Since the trip was already, well, a trip, I’d opted for a photo op with both Doctors to get more bang for less buck. This decision left me wondering how I’d Boop both Doctors in the same photo. Sure, two noses, two index fingers, no problem, right? But where would I stand? Would I reach across one to Boop the other’s nose if I was in the outside? That wouldn’t work. I’d clearly have to stand in the middle. The idea of W arms wasn’t that appealing to me, so after quite a bit of daydreaming, it came to me: The Double Crossbody Boop. And it became my holy grail. It presented is own problems though. I’m somewhat tall for a woman at about 5’8″, but these are some tall gents! Could I work it out? Would they even let me?? 

Con day arrived, and I, once again, chose not to cosplay, since I didn’t want to have to pick a Doctor, and wasn’t clever enough at the time to think to hybridize the cosplay into both of them. Also, I didn’t want to travel with it. So I donned a favorite t-shirt that displayed both Doctors’ Sonic Screwdrivers and the TARDIS (I promise this won’t ALWAYS be Doctor Who themed, for those who’ve no idea what in talking about… stick around), and I was ready to go. On the way, I remember my brother practically forcing the smash musical “Hamilton” on me in the car, something I now can’t BELIEVE he had to do considering how huge a fan I am now (gotta add Lin Manuel Miranda to my must Boop bucket list), but I couldn’t REALLY focus on it because if the task at hand. I had a mission. 

I don’t remember much about the con itself, only that I was crazed to be in the right place, at the right time for my photo op line. I didn’t want to miss my chance. So I waited. I waited AROUND the lines. I stood waiting. I sat on the floor, still waiting, and finally it was time to line up. I always have conversations with other fans in line that I can’t remember later, when I don’t have my anxiety symbio buddy with me (hi, K!), and I didn’t. 

Suddenly, I’m looking through a curtain, and there they stand. My hot Doctors. The two in the series who are by far, to me, the most attractive and desirable. I felt like a silly little girl. I was going to Boop their noses?! These two?! The “proper thin man“ and “the chin?!?!” I walked in the room, wondering if I’d really do it, and as they quickly greeted me and started to lean in for a pose, I blurted: “Can I please Boop both your noses?!” They froze, confused. Again, I kind of blacked out. I felt Matt Smith kind of leaning in and crouching down, I’m sure not knowing what I meant, but happy to play along, while David Tennant asked incredulously in his wonderful Scottish,”What? My nose? Is tha- a thing?!” Beautiful. And then he leaned in, too! I, through some feat of psychics and balance that I still don’t possess, managed, in mere seconds, to hop up onto my tippy-toes, take a look right and left to be sure that my fingers are in the right places, and then smile, hugely, for the flash. 

And just like that, it was over, like it always is. I touched them as long as I could because, hey, you don’t get the opportunity every day, and thanked them both profusely. I’m sure I told them that I loved them. I heard laughing around me from the photographer, the handlers, and those in line behind me who could see. I had done it! Double Crossbody Booped two of the most dashing and debonair Doctors of all time. I couldn’t believe myself. I couldn’t believe they’d done it! 

I picked up my photo to more laughter and even high – fives, and took my first glance:

BEST THING EVER!!! Matt was obviously super into it, and, as always, silly as can be, and David, with that giant smile plastered on his face, obviously thought that this girl must be crazy. I loved it! I’ve yet to have this one autographed, as I was on the B-word that day (budget… ugh), but have hopes that, later this year, Matt Smith really will actually come to Dallas so I can get his signature, and his take on what I hope is a memorable photo to him. 

This challenging and comedic experience brought about even more confidence than I’d gained with Jenna Coleman. It quelled more anxiety. I could really do this. I could make it my thing! But… I thought… actors across the pond have no idea what a Boop is. And that leads to my next Boop…