My name is Chrystine, and I suffer from anxiety (“Hi Chrystine.”)  Not the “oh my gosh, that guy’s so cute, my heart is all aflutter” brand of anxiety that has minimized true anxiety over time, though it has definitely made the word “anxiety” less stigmatized. No, I suffer from the heart racing, short of breath, feeling of dread (in some cases), paralyzing, can’t pull me down off the ceiling kind of anxiety.

I take an anti-depressant for it every day, and I have rescue medication if an attack is imminent.  I’m a regular wife and mom, living in a house in suburbia with my aforementioned husband and two kids, three cats, and a dog.  Yes, it’s a circus.  I wouldn’t say that I necessarily face any more pressures than most individuals like me (others would say that I do), but for some reason, the universe saw it fit that I suffer from this powerful affliction.

This is not an affliction that I will let get the best of me.  And so I share with you the chronicles of my journey. The journey to make life with anxiety more enjoyable. The simple act that lent me courage and bravery, and the ability to handle certain anxiety inducing situations with more grace, if not that, than with much more silliness.  And who doesn’t like a little silly?!  I share with you The Journey to Boopdom!