Four Boops; One Day (Home version)

You know, I’m running out of celebrity Boops (I have two more to tell you about) until the next con comes around in OCTOBER, and I’d like to introduce to you the cast of characters in my life in between celebrity Boop stories.  I hope you’re good with that? Today, I want you to meet four of the greatest players in my life.

If you remember from some of my previous posts, this blog is largely about how I deal with anxiety, with Booping as the key.  So, we’ve addressed social anxiety that appears at Conventions when meeting celebrities, but of course, that is not the only anxiety I face. Anxiety is almost an everyday buddy of mine… if by buddy we mean that person you want to go away and leave you alone, but just won’t.  They’re not really welcome in your life, but they sneak up on you pretty regularly and throw you for a loop. Yeah, anxiety is that kind of buddy. Asshole.

Sometimes I bring anxieties home, and sometimes anxieties originate at home.  I’m the mother of a 16-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy, so things can get a little crazy even with my wonderful Hubs around, being awesome.  He’s great with the kids, and me, and I couldn’t be luckier.  Okay, enough sappy.  Back to my original statement, there’s anxiety at home, too, whether it be from something that happened at home or something I brought home.  Sometimes, there’s not a person in the world who can soothe my anxiety. But you know who can, sometimes, when no one else is able?  These guys:

Meet (clockwise from left) Stubby, Kinks, Rudy, and Luna.  You’d think that the cats wouldn’t want to cooperate with Booping and that the pup would do better, but it was the exact opposite.  The cats chose to smell my finger for the Boop, while Rudy wouldn’t keep his head still while I was trying to Boop him.  He took so many attempts!

These guys are very important to calming my anxiety, assuming they’re not the reason for it, in which case I have to find another coping mechanism.  Each of them have vastly different personalities, so they all help in different ways.  Stubby is what I call an “aggressive self petter.”  If you have any pets, you might know what I mean, but I’ll describe anyway.  He could be asleep, and be barely touched, but jump right up for a good petting.  Now, he’s not going to just let you pet him. No, no!  He’s going to make sure that you do it right!  So he runs himself back and forth under your hands, lifting up if need be, to make sure that you pet him exactly where he wants to be pet.  And he’ll do it forever and ever.  So he’s really good for a laugh.  He’s also a great cat bomb, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes I think that we should get him a green rug so that we can Photoshop him into amazing scenarios based on his sleeping pattern.  He’s basically down for anything. And he’s BIG!  He and his brother Kinks are part Ragdoll, so they’re pretty carefree and large.

Kinks is pretty calm, like his bigger brother and also has the amazing flopping ability, but his unique character trait is that he loves everything.  And I do mean everything. Everything is love for this sweet boy.  He’s also kind of a creeper.  When he wants affection, he’ll just come over, sit down next to you, and stare at you.  For minutes, like a lot of them, until he gets the attention he wants.  With his crossed eyes. He’s ridiculous.

Now both boys are named after their tails.  They were born from a Ragdoll/Manx mix, and so they have very unique tails.  While a Manx’s tail is virtually totally absent, Stubby’s tail is cropped.  And it’s not cropped the normal length, it’s like double the normal length for a crop.  It’s about half a tail. It’s like a hilarious little rudder that he uses for direction. Kinks, on the other hand, has a full length tail, but it has a little kink at the end that makes the shape of a Harry Potter scar! Here they are as babies when we adopted them, almost exactly six years ago (it was August 3):

Luna is not like the boys.  She’s a classic Tortoise Shell. A bitch.  But we love her anyway. Torties have a special place in our hearts, and I can’t imagine not having one. The bitches. The hates almost all living things, but occasionally, she’ll do this thing where she just commandeers your lap because she feels like it. Of course, you’re afraid to move, but might try to pet her because, hey, the opportunity doesn’t strike often.

Then there’s our guy, Rudy.  He’s an old man Border Collie mix, and turns 13 in October. He used to be a fluffy ball of energy, but has finally, over the past couple of years, calmed down.  After all, if he were human, he’d be like almost 91. He acts as if he’s never been pet before when friends and family come over, and he has the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen on a pup. Okay, not the saddest because nothing surpasses the concerned Dachshund when it comes to puppy dog eyes.  Nonetheless, he is a super-sweet guy, who just wants a good pet and lean. Oh, and he wants to lay down.

So if I’m feeling really stressed or anxious, I have four distinct personalities in my own home to help me out of my distress. I can get lost in their fur and loving eyes and their squishiness, and just ignore everything for a little while, even if just for five minutes. They’re pretty patient, though, and I think the relationship is symbiotic. They let me love on them, and they get good pets out of it.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my pets, and maybe soon you’ll meet my family.  Or some friends.  Who knows!?  And remember, I have two more celebrity Boops to pull out at any moment, so if this wasn’t your thing, stick around!



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