Three Boops; One Day Pt 3. – Conclusion

By now, you’ve read about the first two Boops of the day with none other than current Doctor played by Peter Capaldi and The Mistress/Missy played by Michelle Gomez. Both extraordinary events all by themselves, but I wasn’t finished just yet. There was still a third Boop to execute!

I’d started conning that day around noon, and this last photo op was in the five o’clock hour, so I’d been there for at least five hours with all of the people and all of the lines and did I mention all of the people. I was tired. As a vegetarian in a meat eating world, I was hungry. I should come to these things prepared, but I don’t.

So here it was, time for my next photo op and Boop. This companion is, sadly, a bit less popular than the other guests at the con (Clara/Jenna Coleman was there, too!), and had a shorter line than the others. Probably the time off day and the fact that he was there all weekend were also factors to his shorter line, but I was jazzed! My con weary feet didn’t have to stand around terribly long.

When it was my turn, I walked in and showed the most serious of guests, yet, my reference photo and asked if I could Boop his nose. He then did the most fantastic thing. He asked if he should do it back!!!!! “Absolutely!” was my over enthusiastic response. And so he did :

That’s right, Arthur Darvill Booped my nose! Rory Pond Booped my nose!! I loved Rory on the show, and always wished his wife (the fairy tale named, Amelia Pond played by Karen Gillan) treated him better and appreciated him more. I think she eventually did.

I’m going to be honest.  I have no idea what we talked about when I got his autograph, but I must’ve been charming because if you look closely, I got “love.”  Love from Arthur Darvill.  Ah, life is good isn’t it?

This particular Boop is a moment with which I am very happy. One of my Boopees reciprocated my Boop. I’d never even considered it as a possibility! New things were happening, and I couldn’t have been happier. From one Boop to another my confidence was building and my con anxiety, at least, was melting away!

This concludes the story of three Boopings in one day, but stay tuned for my next Boop, which wasn’t to take place for many months after this glorious day. It’s a bucket list Boop for which I never thought I’d get the opportunity.


Author: chrystinemorales

I like to Boop.

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