Three Boops; One Day Pt. 2

I always try to give a little build up to my stories to add a little depth and intrigue to the post.  However, my last post kind of had all the build up since it is Part 1 of a three part tale.  Obviously, you know that you’re about to read about the second Boop of one single day: the one that got away.  Oh I guess there is a little intrigue!

K and I, who you’ve seen pictured all over my first post, and you’ll likely continue to read about from time to time, drove down to a con in Houston together from our Dallas area suburbs.  The W family was there, too, but had come separately.  Now, we went to this con in Houston for one reason, and one reason only.  We were going to meet a fabulous new/old character from Doctor Who, and we were so excited.  We made the four hour trek.  We paid to get into the con, and when it was time, we got in line with the Ws for our photo op and paid for that, too.  We’ve experienced guest cancellations before… but a cancellation while we’re standing in line?!  This was new, and the most depressing of all cancellations.  Even more depressing than Matt Smith cancelling on Dallas… more than once!

We were distraught.  They gave us our photo op cash back.  We started to wander around the floor trying to decide what to do next.  And then we heard it.  Con officials talking about getting our photo op in a cab!  We looked at each other, and dashed after those officials, following them to the attached hotel lobby, just in time to catch none other than the canceler.  We stopped dead in our tracks.  Now what?!  And then K, boldly calls the name.  She says “I’m so sorry you missed us!!!” and the guest looked at us with something like a hurried apology, and I believe uttered apologies, also.  The cancellation was due to a family emergency, and we knew this particular guest would be back around sometime soon.  Cancellations happen.  We’ve learned to not believe any guest is coming until we’re standing in the photo op room with them.

Fast forward to the fateful day that I Booped three noses, and here we are.  Same guest, closer venue.  Our hopes were high.  K an I were on a different photo op schedule that day, considering that she’d gotten a VIP gift from her awesome aunt, so I waited in line for this one with another friend, 1/2 of T².  Now T had chosen to cosplay this character, and it was impressive.  And because he was a VIP badge carrier, he got me, his “wife,” to the front of the line!  I followed him through to a larger room than usual, and couldn’t believe who I was looking at.  This is a character I’d loved from the very minute she showed up in the series.  She was amazing…. and bananas!

I walked again up to the guest, and showed her my picture, while asking if I could boop her nose.  Her handler thought I’d brought some gift for her, and took my reference photo.  I also asked this particular guest to give me her best, disapproving Missy face, and the result?


OMGGGGG!  I couldn’t believe that I’d done this one.  Michelle Gomez hadn’t had much conning experience yet, and she’s such a wild card character on the show that I had no idea what she’d do.  She was fantastic about it!  And the ears and brooch?  Gifts from other fans who’d been in line before me.  So awesome!  I did have to get my photo back from her handler, which was amusing.

When I got her autograph later she said “Well, tha- tunned out nice, dedn’t i-?”  That’s my best attempt at capturing her fantastic accent!  We chatted for a moment, during which time I know that I told her I loved her more than once.  Again, this time, I’m wearing a specific shirt, but you can’t see it because of my Boop form.  I had a shirt made just for her saying “Oh Missy, you so fine!”  She liked that.  Who wouldn’t?!

Next up: Part 3 of this fantastic day!  I can tell you with absolute certainty that I did not expect what happened!


Author: chrystinemorales

I like to Boop.

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