Three Boops; One Day Pt. 1

Now that you’ve read the title, forget about it for a little while.  As I mentioned at the very end of my last post from about a week ago (sorry, I decided I needed to pace myself, or run out of stories before I was ready!), I realized after a couple of Boops that I’d had to explain Booping twice.  Both times this happened, I felt out-of-control and super anxious.  It took away some of my enjoyment of the Boop because I was trying to squeeze an explanation and a photo into a matter of seconds.  I needed to find a remedy to this situation, and fast because there was a VERY big day coming up.

Not long after the con in New Orleans, Fan Expo Dallas began announcing guest for their upcoming con in June.  The closer to the con, naturally, the better the announcements became.  I won’t spoil all of them here; this is a three part post!  Suffice it to say, I was superduper excited, though!  And I’d come up with a plan!  Plans are good!  Instead of walking into each photo op having to explain Booping to each guest, I came armed with a reference photo of their contemporaries letting me Boop them:

Reference Photo022

Now, I found this hilarious, and it made things so much simpler.  I could easily walk up to each guest, seconds before the photo op, and ask if I could Boop their noses!  And since I was giving direction by way of a question, “can I Boop your nose?” I felt totally comfortable with directing a little further with a follow up question (wait for it.)

Now, back to that title.  You read it right: I Booped three noses in one single day.  The first Boop of the day was BIG.  And by big, I mean absolutely gigantic since it was The Doctor of the day.  That’s right, we had the current Doctor Who right here in Dallas, and most of us could hardly contain ourselves.  The con also held a panel with all three guests that were there attending in which the Doctor in question did an amazingly impressive impression of a Dalek.  One of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen and heard, surely.

So, it was time for my photo op, and I stood in line waiting with the masses, explaining my reference photo to anyone who happened to glance at it.  “Oh, I Boop their noses when I meet them,” I’d say proudly.  People around me loved it, and I started realizing that I had to do something with these Booping experiences of mine, and the idea of this blog was born!  When it became my turn, I confidently (and unusually) walked into the photo room and showed The Doctor my photo and asked, “Can I Boop your nose, and can you give me ATTACK EYEBROWS??”  He quickly obliged:


What you can’t see from this photo is 1. my shirt, which is a reproduction of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor’s Space Shark T-shirt, like the one he wore for like three seconds in one tear-jerker of an episode called “Face the Raven,”

Face The Raven 113

and 2. The Doctor’s surprise at my request!  They all look at me so funny!  But they do it!

Later, in his autograph line, he admitted to being very confused, in his Scottish burr, and then gave me one of my favorite signatures so far.  I particularly love the quirk of the “Doctor ???” part of his autograph.  And before Mr. Capaldi’s tenure as The Doctor, I had major problems with people calling “The Doctor” “Doctor Who,” but now that I’m accustomed to Peter’s way of saying things, I find myself doing it.  After all, we only started calling The Doctor The Doctor when the show regenerated (see what I did there) in 2005 Nu-Who, as I understand it.  I digress.  I had another successful Boop in my hands, and as had happened when I Booped Matt Smith and David Tennant, the handlers, the photographer, those working in the photo line, and even other fans seemed to find it hilarious! Boop #3, or is it four since my second was a double, done!

Next time; I’ll reveal my second Boop of that wonderful day.  Hope you enjoyed!


Author: chrystinemorales

I like to Boop.

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