My First Boop

Like I’ve said before, my desire to Boop erupted instantaneously.  I was binge watching through Doctor Who, having become an avid fan after it was recommended by my brother, J, and a dear friend who I knew was watching and had quickly become obsessed, K.  I’ll introduce you to them later, hopefully.  Hi guys!  Anyway, I was watching right along, and things were looking bad for Amy and Rory, the Doctor’s companions at the time, when they were thrown, with The Doctor, onto a prison planet for Daleks.  If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, and you’re reading this: 1. WATCH DOCTOR WHO, you’ll thank me later, and 2. I’ll try to keep the story line simple, so there are no spoilers for you because I just know you’ll want to watch.  So, they were dropped onto this planet to complete a mission, and on the planet there was a single human survivor from a crash that had occurred a year previously. The lone survivor quickly popped up on screen, and time slowed down for me.

“Oh my gosh,” I thought.  “She has the cutest nose I’ve ever seen. I must Boop that nose.” I mean, have you ever seen such a perfectly Boopable nose on a person?! At the time, I had no idea if I’d ever have the opportunity to Boop her nose or how that might occur, only that I was in the process of meeting my share of Doctors and Companions.

Again, my friend K (the blonde, I’m the redhead) looks amazing in all of these photos, the picture of confidence and photogenics, while I feel that I was so star struck and statued (Is that a word? That red squiggly line says it’s isn’t.  Well, I’m using it anyway.) by these beloved celebrities I was literally rubbing elbows with that I look frozen and stunned. I was always so worried and anxious about how I would look next to such a photogenic friend, and, you know, celebrities, that I present a perfect visual example of the social and situational anxiety I mentioned in my first post and on my About page. I know… it could be much worse, and I’ve stated such. But there I am… seven examples of frozen solid in anxiety, and excitement. Except in the picture with Sylvester McCoy… I look great in that one, but that’s what Sylvester McCoy does to a person.  Charming fellow. And I have a prop!  Props help.

Anyway, I finished the episode (that’s Season 7, Episode 1 “The Dalek Asylum, btw, and all images of Jenna Coleman are stills directly from that episode), and then kind of forgot about that nose. GREAT episode though.

A little time passed. Some developments happened in the show with The Doctor and his companions, as they do, and suddenly, The Doctor was sad.  Very sad, in fact.  So sad that he wasn’t even happy to see, in the Christmas 2012 special episode “The Snowmen” this nose:

Well, I mean really Doctor.  I WAS! It was the girl!  The nose! The one that just cried for Booping!  “BOOP ME!” it practically called to me as I watched “The Snowmen.” I was so distracted by her nose that I could barely pay attention to the episode. And as Jenna Coleman’s character became more prominent in the show, I just knew I had to do it.  I had to do a photo op by myself, without my symbiotic anxiety buddy, K, so that I wouldn’t be riddled with the anxiety of 1. stealing the show in a photo op together if I Booped, and 2. much more importantly, ruining her photo op if I failed.

More time passed, and finally, it was announced some months prior that in January of 2016, Jenna Coleman was to be a guest at the Wizard World Convention held in New Orleans.  Now, Hubby and I, though we’d been together for about 11 years by that time, had never taken a vacation together, any more than a long weekend at a distance of four hours away from home, staying with family.  I snatched up the opportunity for a mini-vacay without the kids. We could go someplace we’d never been before, AND I could sneak in a visit to Wizard World to potentially Boop Jenna Coleman’s nose. I made the arrangements for the hotel, the convention entrance, the photo op with Jenna Coleman, and even an autograph with her.

We drove the eight hours to New Orleans from our home in a Dallas suburb, and started our enjoyment of New Orleans.  It’s a wonderful city, and the weather was perfect at that time of year.  Our vacation was long enough before Mardi Gras that the city wasn’t too crazy for the boring married couple that we are, and we avoided the heat and humidity that inevitably beats down on New Orleans, being a coastal, below sea level, city.

Convention day arrived, and Hubby walked me to the convention center before sauntering off on his own through the French Quarter to have his own adventures, while I conned.  He’s not much of a convention man, which is fine.  I made sure that I knew where I was supposed to be and when I was supposed to be there, and set alarms on my phone to prompt me to look for lines that I was supposed to get in.  After all, everyone knows that 90% of a convention is standing in line! As I stood in Jenna Coleman’s line, I wondered if I’d actually have the guts to Boop.  I’d opted not to cosplay to cut down on the anxiety quotient for the day, so I hoped that would help.  I waited patiently, as the people before me in her line had their chance for a photo, and then I was up!  Jenna looked…. tired.  She was stretching her shoulders and arms when I walked into the tiny little room where photo ops were taken, and she waited for me to walk up for a smile and a flash, and put her arm around me.  Instead of just smiling at the camera, I turned to her, finger held up in the air, and said “May I please Boop your nose??” “MY WHA?!” she exclaimed in her adorable British accent.


I blacked out.  I tried to explain what I was talking about, but instead, just gestured with my index finger, face to face with Jenna Coleman, her arm around me, wondering what on earth this crazy American wanted to do to her, I’m sure.  I’m certain that I said “nose” a few times before finally Booping my own, but that’s really all I remember.  The next thing I know, Jenna must’ve consented because I’m looking at the camera, finger on that beautiful, Boopable nose, smiling, and the camera flashes.  I thank her profusely, and run off to get my photo. This all happened in seconds, of course.


As I rounded the corner to get my photo, workers at the convention, cracking up, presented me with not just the one photo I’d paid for, but also the photo of me begging Jenna Coleman to Boop her nose!  I was so surprised, and so pleased.

Later, in her autograph line, I thanked Jenna for being such a good sport and told her how much I loved her in Doctor Who.  She thanked me and said other things that I can’t remember because I was talking to Jenna Coleman, and finally I told her that I was looking forward to seeing her in her upcoming, at the time, series “Victoria.”  She seemed genuinely surprised to hear a fan mention something other than Doctor Who, and I mentally patted myself on the back. I felt confident! And free! And unafraid! I had done it!  I’d Booped the nose!


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I like to Boop.

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